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Hindsight has pointed out that on his profile he listed he wanted a “casual relationship” as opposite to my listing of wanting a “serious relationship”.
However, Exiguus' dating system still lacks a "0" year which makes calendrical calculations awkward.

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This drama would've been beautiful, I just don't believe in left -overs know about it too, the girl's situation she was his best friend girlfriend & to know how he dumped her (this drama was a charity event?? I am glad he didn't have love pain in my Shy Boss drama. An irresponsible person as she seems like to be kissed by anyone Gi Tae and Yeo Rum. Love this Kdrama so much, i had never see KDrama before, this drama very good, nice story, romantic, comedy and will not bored to watch it, even you watch for the second, third, and so on....still missing the act for all the actor and actress bravo for Ki- Tea and Jang mi......wait for season 2........... The story is amazing and has it all: romance, comedy, family, friendship.. I still prefer Hoon Dong even though at the beginning he was bad and sucks.. youre my next actor-bias ♡♡ This drama was, from beginning to end, hilarious! The conflict wasn't too serious, so it was really just a romantic comedy. This is definitely a great drama to watch if you want to take a break from all the serious dramas. Others may not appreciate him but he's such a natural comedian. If Jang Mi is to put him and Ki Tae on a scale to choose the best, she'll still not find the difference. It was total fun watching it...never expected to enjoy so much.

The only positives about this drama were the comedy, ost and the last 2 episodes where there is finally an emotional breakthrough between the Kong family members. She just want to fall in love and return a kiss when she is unsure. waiting for the ending of this story..still have no answer...... but he was a good friend I think he was so funny hehehehe LOVE KI TAE AND JANG MI This drama never fails to make me smile. I really love the chemistry of gi tae and jang mi, they are so cute together that is why I hope to see them togethervin other dramas.after watching it, I still can't move on that even during sleep, i suddenly smile coz i remember those funny moments of this drama.. The story is more about relationships & responsibilities..communications are very important.

So with that in mind, I want you to answer some questions as honestly as you can. Sometimes when things go tits-up it is someone else’s fault.

That being said, however, the more of these questions you answer “yes” to, the greater the possibility that you could be the source of much of the conflict in your relationship.

It’s very hard to fake crying, according to Helen Fisher, and it serves a purpose because historically, when women are upset, and crying, people would come to their aid, and the tribe would not like that one of their women is not happy (one unhappy woman can affect dozens of others in a group, wouldn’t you agree?

) and they would rally together with that woman and get revenge. That’s why we are so annoyed by it (because we are naturally compelled to react to it) and also so driven by it. Not if you’re dramatising things because you want validation.

The Anthropologist Helen Fisher has said in her book ‘Why We Love’, that tears actually serve a purpose.

Or perhaps that drama queens are getting attention: something they don’t feel they have. Doesn’t mean it’s a good type of attention, but it’s still attention.

Might I suggest, it’s WOMEN who perpetuate the idea that men don’t like drama. After all, if we keep telling all our friends not to be drama queens, then we can reserve some of the attention for ourselves.

On the other hand: when there were no laws, the MALE way of dealing with pain in a relationship (especially when he’s been cuckolded) is to kill. I’d suggest to you that it’s much like hearing a baby cry. (Click here to take the quiz “How Feminine Am I Actually? Because then people just feel like you want to TAKE from them. Not if you’re doing it because what you’ve learned along the way is that you can get attention around the CLOCK if you’re dramatising and making out that there is something wrong all the time.

Women have not been known to use that strategy as much. If you’re anything like me, you can’t help but respond to it by either wanting to take care of it, coo to it, or get irritated by it. The LESS attention we have, the more we want it, and the more desperate we can seem to get it. I don’t blame you, I have made this mistake, and it’s a mistake that’s easy to make when you’re feeling down and don’t want to get yourself out of the rut.