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Korean dating patterns

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The close family ties and dependencies valued so highly in Korea might seem unhealthy to us; we think a child's sense of autonomy necessary to mental health. "A life in which egos are all autonomous,separate, discrete and self-sufficient [is] too cold, impersonal,lonely and inhuman." * Children incur a debt to their parents who gave birth to them and raised them.

Traditional Asians pride themselves on their marriages, families, children, and continuation of the family lineage so when their sons/daughters begin dating someone they don't approve of, it's going to a difficult process.

In some examples, parents won't acknowledge or talk to the couple or the significant other whom they disapprove of. In extreme cases, parents will disown their children because of their marital choices.

So why do traditional Asian parents have their panties in a bunch?

His concern was to bring out the inherent or natural characteristics of his materials and the medium.

Potters, therefore, were able to work unselfconsciously and naturally, producing wares of engaging simplicity and artistic distinctiveness.