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Sex staffed women in Kenya have formed a group where they pay young men good money to “service them”.
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In these speed dating sessions, the women stayed seated, and the men shifted each round.

The pairs chatted for four minutes and then the men shifted again.

The number of the first dates varied by the event - on average there were 15, but it could be as few as 5 or as many as 22.

Then you were asked if you would like to meet any of them again.

I won’t go too in depth here, but it’s fun to take a quick look.

Some people said yes to almost everyone, casting a wide net, whereas others were more stingy with their yeses.

If you don’t fall into either category but are interest in the series, you can skip it without loss of continuity.

The data comes from a series of heterosexual speed dating experiements at Columbia University from 2002-2004.

In these experiments, you each met all of you opposite-sex participants for four minutes.

But since comments focused on methodology rather than the empirical phenomena, I decided to write about methodology first, so that readers wouldn’t have to disbelief while reading my next post.

This post is more dense and technical than my last one.