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Adapting Neil Gaiman’s cultish, wondrous, sprawling and completely bonkers novel “American Gods” to the screen was always going to be a tall order.The only possible way to give it a chance would be to make a cultish, wondrous, sprawling and completely bonkers piece of television as well – which is very much the direction in which Brian Fuller and Michael Green’s adaptation seems to be heading. There’s great technique on display here – the fabulous tricks of cinematography and special effects, the wild character work, the scenery-chewing by Ian Mc Shane – but this is a series that takes its time with storytelling to a near-unprecedented degree."Everyone is using We Chat, so marketers are wondering how can they use it in their communications," said Sophia Ong, the executive at We Chat's parent company, Tencent, who helps marketers navigate the internet giant's myriad platforms.

There are times, passingly rare times, when Moments is a force for good, perhaps letting you know about some interesting local event that might otherwise have slipped under the radar.Kelly Yang is the founder of The Kelly Yang Project, an after-school writing program for children in Hong Kong.At KYP, she teaches creative writing, public speaking and critical reasoning.Friends living in mainland China report they wake up to We Chat and fall asleep to We Chat.Here in Hong Kong, it hasn’t got quite that bad yet, but every day we inch a little closer. ” I picked up my phone and turned off the notifications.It groans with folklore – there are segments on Viking war gods, African spider-men, Germanic kobolds, Slavic witches, Indian goddesses and Johnny Appleseed – but it’s also a kind of fantasy compendium of modern folk belief, written by a Brit travelling through America with a notebook and his eyes on stalks.